We are a team of concerned citizens who have created an emergency task force to help supply Organizations, Non-Profits, and average citizens just like us with protection against the widespread COVID-19 virus.

We proudly are:

Passing-through KN95 masks AT COST

We have a transparent pricing to everyone who wants to help in donating masks to those in need. These masks are purely at cost, no markups or hidden fees. We are here to help!

Working 24/7 in sourcing as many supplies as possible

Our team is working non-stop to bring in supplies on a rolling basis for a speedy delivery and distribution to the people and organizations in need.

Making a difference

We are self-funded and have committed our life-savings to jumpstart this noble initiative. This site was made to help reach other people who want to help in their own way. Join our cause and #BeatCovid

We encourage everyone to help our cause to expand outside of our local community and spread nationwide. We hope to flood our North American markets with high quality FDA Approved KN95 masks to protect our citizens and reduce the outrageous fees that resellers are charging. No one should have to pay 5 times or even double market prices for a mask!

We look forward to everyone's support and if you can help spread the word. Let others know how they can extend help in their own way with the help of this site,  we would greatly appreciate any additional traction we can get.


ACTaskforce Team

#ACTaskforce #MaskForce #BeatCovid